Welcome to KBR One Ocean

KBR One Ocean is a global collaboration between KBR employees, local schools, youth and environmental networks and like-minded partner organizations. The program supports KBR’s social and environmental sustainability commitments and represents our Zero Harm ethos. 


The extra-curricular program is run by committed and passionate KBR employees who work alongside teachers and facilitators to mentor students in gaining a deep understanding of the ocean, its interconnection with the climate and planetary health and how to regenerate that health. The content is designed to build an awareness of and encourage young people to look at STEM courses with more interest. 
KBR employees share industry expertise and knowledge to encourage young people to investigate and develop creative and practical solutions to environmental issues affecting the ocean, using ideas from design thinking, circular economy and biomimicry principles, among other innovative approaches. The course uses materials from science, engineering, maths and technology (STEM) as well as a broad range of other subjects (geography, DT, social sciences, etc.) as a source.  

Developed to be accessed online, the platform helps teachers deliver a flexible modular syllabus, with assistance from KBR employees, using detailed lesson plans, handouts and resources. Courses are modular and can be customized to suit the needs of the school or organization and the materials can be used to facilitate online or in-person delivery. Courses can be in the form of one-off workshops, weekly or monthly lessons or in a format that most suits the school or organization.

Other ways of delivering the One Ocean program is education through partnerships with existing events and activities such as World Ocean Day, World Clean up-day, World Environment Day and Earth Day. 

More details on One Ocean 
The course material develops a baseline of understanding of ocean literacy including, the
interdependence of humans and the sea; its influence on weather & climate and its provision of water, oxygen and nutrients to support life on earth. It teaches concepts such as the interconnected circulation system powered by wind, tides and the Earth’s rotation and how this large body of water is – One Ocean.

Lesson plans focus on the threats to our ocean, with a particular focus on plastic pollution - how and why it enters waterways and the ocean and the subsequent causes and effects on marine life and society as a whole.

Finally, students look at developing solutions through the lens’ of engineering, science, design thinking, systems thinking, circular economy principles and the cradle to cradle design principles. We specifically look at some of KBR's own technology solutions to some of these global issues, such as our Hydro prt, chemical recycling technology. 

The program has been developed and is continually updated in collaboration with KBR employees, local teachers, environmentalists and STEM and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, Arts and Maths) education specialists.

Other skills developed throughout the course include problem-solving; scientific literacy and reasoning; leadership and team-working; collaboration; analytical and critical thinking; global and social awareness; social responsibility; communication and creativity. 

if you are interested in joining this exciting, international collaboration please contact your closest KBR office or email [email protected]